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Web Application Help

  • This is a very simple site; it is intended to be used for prototyping and learning, not for long-term or production use.
  • The Display panel at the top shows the Brunel Visualization in a frame. When you build the syntax, it auto-fits the size of the display, so you can drag the frame to make a different sized output (although it's a little fiddly -- you need to drag slowly)
  • The Syntax panel allows you to edit Brunel syntax. You can specify a data set available online by the syntax data("http://your-data-url") at the beginning of your code. Otherwise the default data set from the Data panel is used.
  • The Data panel allows you to paste in a table of data, which is parsed as if it were a CSV file. There are a few canned sample data sets you can also pull in automatically. This data is passed to the Brunel server along with the syntax to be built in a visualization.